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Visitors in the Clark Telescope dome

Visitors viewing the Clark Telescope

What can you do as a volunteer at Lowell? Just about anything.

Join our outreach program and welcome guests at the Steele Visitor Center, helping them learn about activities at Lowell or showing kids how much they?d weigh on Pluto (not much) or Jupiter (ooof!). Or come in the evenings and operate one of the telescopes; evening viewing is our marquee activity and volunteers make a big difference in making it a memorable experience.

Our volunteers assist us in many other ways as well. They?ve helped with our library, archives, information technology systems, and collections. They help staff our reception desk and answer incoming telephone queries. And they?ve helped us with grant writing and program planning.

As a complex, nonprofit organization deeply involved in pure research, instrumentation, and outreach, we offer diverse opportunities for volunteers to become part of our team.

To find out more, contact our volunteer coordinator Mary DeMuth (928) 233-3235.




 Become a Volunteer

If you would like to join our team as a volunteer or a docent, download an application form and e-mail it to Mary DeMuth. Once we receive your form, we will work with you to help you find the area where you would most like to devote your time and effort here. Thank you very much for your interest and willingness to help our mission in this way!