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Percival Lowell painting

Percival Lowell painting by middle school students in the 1980s

Like our founder Percival Lowell, we are excited to share the marvels of the cosmos with you. Join the Friends of Lowell and be part of the adventure.

One of Lowell’s generous supporters has called us “the people’s observatory.” We think that’s a good description of our twin commitment to excellence in research and outreach, which began here on Mars Hill overlooking Flagstaff, Arizona, in 1894. Our staff members run internationally renowned research programs ranging from solar system to extragalactic astronomy. Each year, 80,000 people come to our visitor center for tours, telescope viewing, multimedia shows, and more. Soon, programming from the Discovery Channel Telescope will reach nearly 100 million households in the USA alone.

As a Friend of Lowell Observatory, you’ll be part of our second century of discovery. Not only will you be able to visit Lowell and other science centers for free, but you’ll also receive regular updates from our team about our discoveries and programs.

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Percival Lowell was deeply committed to the public appreciation of astronomy. We still are. We truly enjoy sharing our discoveries and would be delighted to have you as a member.


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