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Black Holes, Spacetime, and Bread

Star Stuff Lowell Observatory Podcast

“Star Stuff Episode 01: Black Holes, Spacetime, and Bread” is now available wherever you get your podcasts! Listen in as Cody Half-Moon, Hailey Osborn, and Wesley Sonnemaker discuss how black holes affect our universe, the fabric of spacetime, and how it all relates to a bowling ball, a ping pong ball, and bread.

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Today’s episode was produced by Lowell Observatory, and sponsored by its members and donations. Art and social media support for this episode was provided by Alex Elbert, and the music and content writing was provided by Madi Mooney. Heather Craig provided technical support. Cody Half-Moon hosted and did the editing for this episode, and Hailey Osborn and Wesley Sonnemaker were our featured co-hosts.