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Natl Astronomy Day


[…] the water cycle on a salty Mars: Planetary science and astrobiology exploration strategies for the next decade Atmosphere-regolith water vapor exchange processes are an important aspect of the Martian water […]

Local Hotels, Dining, & Attractions

Embassy Suites is located next to Northern Arizona University and within a mile of historic downtown Flagstaff. Amenities include a seasonal outdoor pool, whirlpool, and fitness center. Enjoy daily free […]

AstroAlert: The Sun like you’ve never seen it before

[…] more to come not only from DKIST. A new spacecraft called Solar Orbiter will launch next month to give scientists their first close-up look at the Sun’s north and south […]

Lunar Legacy

[…] aspects of their missions. The first group of astronauts to train in northern Arizona—the so-called Next Nine, which included the likes of Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, Frank Borman, and others—also […]

AstroAlert: Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician who broke barriers, has died

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Sad news: Pioneering NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson died today at the age of 101. [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Born in West Virginia in 1918, Johnson was fascinated by […]

AstroAlert: New telescope named in honor of astronomer Vera Rubin

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] It was announced this week that a major new telescope will be named in honor of trailblazing astronomer Vera Rubin, who died in 2016. [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] […]

AstroAlert: One moon wasn’t enough…

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Astronomers have announced the discovery of a previously unknown moon orbiting the Earth. That’s right, our planet now has two moons. This new one has even been given […]

Solar System

Lowell astronomers carry out a wide diversity of research programs with goals tied to understanding the nature, formation, habitability, and evolution of planetary bodies in our solar system. This work […]

AstroAlert: Dance Your PhD winners announced

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”30px”] The Dance Your Ph.D. contest began in 2008 as a way to encourage newly minted Ph.D. scientists to communicate their thesis research to the public through […]

Pi Day

Next week brings one of the more festive holidays of the year, honoring the principle patron saint of Ireland. This is, of course, St. Patrick’s Day and is held on […]

AstroAlert: NASA remasters the ‘Pale Blue Dot” photo of Earth

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic “Pale Blue Dot” photo of Earth. To commemorate it, NASA has remastered the photo using state-of-the-art image processing […]