Meet the Star Stuff Crew

Learn more about the nerds who bring you your favorite podcast!

Cody Half-Moon

Host, Producer

Cody Half-Moon joined Lowell’s Marketing & Revenue Team as Marketing Manager in 2021. Since then, she’s brought tons of new ideas and creative energy to Mars Hill—starting the podcast was actually her idea! She loves midcentury modern furniture, greyhounds, thrift stores, and Star Trek. In 2020, Cody was honored with the prestigious “Women Who Mean Business” award from Houston Business Journal and served as a mentor for HBJ’s 2021 Women in Business program. She is the main host and producer of Star Stuff.

Hailey Osborn

Co-host, Production Assistant

Hailey Osborn is a Senior Public Program Educator at Lowell Observatory. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BS in physics and a minor in mathematics in spring of 2020. She has been working at Lowell Observatory since 2017, starting as an educator. She is a co-host and production assistant on Star Stuff, bringing expertise on optics, photonics and black holes. She likes coffee, cheesy movies, and hanging out with her friends. She also runs the official Star Stuff Twitter page (@starstuffpod), where listeners can submit questions and share their love for the show!

Wesley Sonnemaker


Wesley Sonnemaker is a Lowell Educator. He is graduating from Northern Arizona University this semester, earning his BS in astronomy and physics. His passion lies in searching for life on other planets. He has a longstanding rivalry with the Moon—no one is sure why or how it started, but it seems personal. As a regular co-host on Star Stuff, his infectious laughter can be heard on many episodes.

Kevin Schindler

Recurring Guest

Kevin Schindler is Lowell Observatory’s Historian & Primary Media Contact. He has worked at Lowell Observatory for over 27 years, though it’s rumored that he’s actually been here since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. He serves as Lowell’s resident legend, historian, author, ultimate tour guide. and more. On Star Stuff, he’s our top source for dad jokes, snark, and anecdotes both historical and personal.

Madison Mooney

Sound Engineer, Recurring Guest

Madison “Madi” Mooney is Lowell’s Content Marketing Specialist. She spends her days on Mars Hill writing about history, the cosmos, local events, and this lovely “meet the crew” page. She is proud to be known as “Lowell’s Resident Goth,” always happy to provide insight on things like witchcraft, true crime, cults, and cryptids. She also dabbles in music production, using her skills to create the Star Stuff theme song. She loves living in Flagstaff, drinking iced chai lattes, and hanging out with her cats, Nyx and Purrsephone.

John Compton

Recurring Guest

Lowell cryptid and Program & Scheduling Coordinator John Compton is known for such catchphrases as, “bye forever, nerds” and “hey, pals.” He has a BS in physics with a minor in math and Earth and space science from Indiana University. He is also a thesis away from a masters in geology, but doesn’t like saying that. He runs his own production company in Flagstaff called Peppercorn Games and is a total freaking nerd.

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