2022 Total Lunar Eclipse Party


May 15
5pm - Midnight


May 15
7:15 - Midnight

Live On YouTube


Free online

(In-person included with General Admission)

Celebrate This Rare Event at Lowell!

Come to Lowell Observatory to witness this amazing and rare celestial event: the Total Lunar Eclipse! Enjoy festivities throughout the evening, from 5pm – midnight. Lowell Observatory will have food trucks, poi performances, a fun scavenger hunt, face painting, special science talks, and additional state-of-the-art telescopes available for viewing the Total Lunar Eclipse.

How to Join

Enjoy all-night festivities at Lowell Observatory from 5pm – midnight (included with General Admission), or join us virtually on YouTube starting at 7:15pm PDT.

Where To Park

Parking is available at Lowell Observatory until full. A free shuttle service to and from the event will also be offered from 5pm-midnight. Parking for the shuttle will be at Flagstaff City Hall, 211 W. Aspen Ave.

Total Lunar Eclipse Livestream

Can't make it in person?

Lowell Observatory will be streaming the Total Lunar Eclipse from moon rise (7:15pm PDT) to Midnight. Our livestream will include educational programming, live views of the Total Lunar Eclipse from our TEC140 Refracting Telescope, and other perspectives of the eclipse from around the world. Join on YouTube for this free livestream event.

*Note: Programming can be canceled due to inclement weather.


Historic Brewing Co. Beer

Giclas Patio | 5pm–8 pm

What better way to enjoy a rare celestial experience than with a cold beer!

The Chile Box Food Truck

The Giovale Open Deck Observatory | 5pm–8pm

Try The Chile Box’s delicious New Mexican flavor using traditional red and green chile recipes.

Dyer Viewing

Public: 8:45–midnight
Member: 7:45–8:45

Now is your chance to look through Mars Hill’s newest telescope! This state-of-the-art Planewave 24” CDK will give you a stargazing experience like no other.

More Telescopes!

McAllister Plaza, Clark Plaza, Rotunda Plaza | All Evening 

So that everyone gets a chance to do as much stargazing as possible, we’ll have extra telescopes located throughout campus.

Face Painting

Steele Visitor Center Airlock | 5pm–8pm

Show your love for the cosmos with fun, space-themed face painting!

Scavenger Hunt

All Day and Evening 

Participate in our all-ages bingo scavenger hunt and get entered to win a special prize!

Poi Performance

Rotunda Plaza | 8pm-9pm

Have you ever seen an LED Poi performance? Now is your chance! Our incredible performers will be spinning moon globes throughout the evening.

Live Music

Picard Grove | 6pm–10pm

Enjoy delightful piano music from a Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra pianist, featuring music from the upcoming show Something Rotten.

Eclipse 101 | Science Talk

Giclas Lecture Hall | 5pm and 6:30
What is a lunar eclipse, exactly? How far away is the Moon? Why is it that we can only see one side of the Moon from Earth? Find out the answers to these questions and more at Eclipse 101, a limited-time science talk at Lowell’s Lunar Eclipse Party!

Eclipse Lore | Science Talk

Giclas Lecture Hall | 4:45pm and 8pm:
Lunar eclipses are visually striking astronomical events that have created an impact in the legends and faiths of cultures across the world. In this special Lunar Eclipse Party talk, we will discuss what a lunar eclipse is and what various different cultures associate them with.


Steele Visitor Center Airlock | 8:30–Midnight

The International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) will be showing off their beautiful artwork space and moon artwork, come take a look!

Thumbnail artwork by Danielle Rose

"5 Reasons Why the 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse is a Must See"