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Frequently Asked Questions

Memberships are available for purchase online, in person at the Lowell Visitor Center (if you are already visiting with a reservation), or by calling (928) 255-5059.

Phase 1 (Current Phase): 10% discount on Premium Access (reservations required)

Phase 2: Temporary free access to Guided Tours

Phase 3: Unlimited free General Admission

Learn more about our phased reopening plan.

All visitors, including members, are required to make a reservation during our current phase of reopening.

Learn more about our phased reopening plan.

Your membership is valid for one year from the day you purchase it through the end of the month the following year. If you renew early, one year will be added to your current expiration date.

You can pay the difference to upgrade your membership level by calling (928) 255-5059.

Yes! Visit astc.org/passport to view the list of science centers that participate in the Association of Science-Technology Centers reciprocal program. Don’t forget to bring your Lowell membership card when you travel. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, be sure to check the open status of anywhere you plan to visit.

From time of purchase, membership cards will take 7-10 business days to reach you. Please contact us if you have not received your membership cards after 10 business days.

If you lose your card, contact us at (928) 255-5059 or email membership@lowell.edu for a replacement. Once general admission is available again, you can also show identification (ID) at the Lowell Visitor Center to be admitted.

Please contact us at membership@lowell.edu or call (928) 255-5059 to update your contact information.

The recipient will receive their cards within 7-10 business days of purchase. The letter will notify the recipient of the person who gifted the membership. The purchaser will receive a receipt within 7-10 business days.

Memberships are non-transferable. Only the cardholder is entitled to use the card.

There is no need to put a second name on your membership cards. Just remember, some science centers won’t allow admission if the name on the membership card doesn’t match the identification (ID).

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