Pluto Discovery Telescope

[…] seeing he was unable to make out a disk and concluded that Pluto could be no larger than half an arcsecond across, corresponding to an upper limit of seven thousand […]

AstroAlert: Dance Your PhD winners announced

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”30px”] The Dance Your Ph.D. contest began in 2008 as a way to encourage newly minted Ph.D. scientists to communicate their thesis research to the public through […]

AstroAlert: NASA remasters the ‘Pale Blue Dot” photo of Earth

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic “Pale Blue Dot” photo of Earth. To commemorate it, NASA has remastered the photo using state-of-the-art image processing […]

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AstroAlert: Biggest black hole in the local universe discovered

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Astronomers have discovered the most massive black hole in the nearby universe and it’s a beast, weighing the equivalent of 40 billion suns. The black hole […]

AstroAlert: Superfast star found leaving the Milky Way at 4 million miles per hour

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Astronomers have discovered one of the fastest moving stars ever, and it appears to have been flung out of our galaxy by the supermassive black hole […]

Clark Refractor Telescope

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Dyer Telescope

[…] PlaneWave CDK24a—a 24-inch (0.61-meter) f/6.5 Corrected Dall-Kirkham astrograph. It covers a 70-millimeter field of view without any field curvature, off-axis coma, or astigmatism. This means you will enjoy pinpoint focus […]

How the Sun could make new planets

Find out how and if our Sun could make new planets. In this article Dr. Lisa Prato gives you her take on the possiblity.

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