Lunar Legacy

[…] by the impact of a large meteorite. Starting with a series of papers in 1959, US Geological Survey geologist Gene Shoemaker showed conclusively that only an extraterrestrial projectile could produce […]

AstroAlert: Dance Your PhD winners announced

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”30px”] The Dance Your Ph.D. contest began in 2008 as a way to encourage newly minted Ph.D. scientists to communicate their thesis research to the public through […]

History of Pluto

[…] contained a few choice observations from each of New Horizons’ scientific instruments, highly compressed in order to get them down as quickly as possible. The compression produced strange-looking jpeg artifacts, […]

Educator Resources

[…] We want to see your projects when you are finished, so please send them to us! Completed challenges can be submitted at any time, so disregard due dates in any […]

How the Sun could make new planets

Find out how and if our Sun could make new planets. In this article Dr. Lisa Prato gives you her take on the possiblity.

Transcript: Star Stuff Episode 2, The Case For The Sky Egg

[…] the Moon’s history, its lore, and… various cycles. Join our Discord: Star Stuff Discord ChannelSend us a Tweet: @LowellObs Email us: Credits Today’s episode was produced by Lowell Observatory, […]

Giovale Open Deck Observatory (GODO)

[…] observation. The Shelyak spectroscope mounted on the telescope is connected to a video monitor in order to show the frequencies of light that are emitted from a celestial object. This […]

Pluto Discovery Telescope

[…] Pluto: 1930 – 2006″, and a few downright foul ones that our censors won’t let us share. The refurbishment included testing and fixing the telescope’s drive motor and other electronic […]

AstroAlert: See the Earth spin like never before

[…] same region of the sky, photographer Eric Brummel shot a nice time-lapse video that reminds us it’s our planet that rotates, not the sky. Just click on the image above […]

AstroAlert: Scientists fact check natural disasters in movies

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”30px”] A new video from Vanity Fair takes a creative and entertaining approach to communicating science with the public. They invited three environmental scientists to watch and critique (good […]


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