Dr. Danielle Adams

Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer

Cultural Astronomy
PhD University of Arizona, 2018


Dr. Adams is responsible for leading the strategic marketing and branding efforts of Lowell Observatory. She joined the Lowell staff in 2019 as Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer. She works to elevate the scientific reputation of the observatory as an institution that has spent 125 years on the leading edge of astronomy research, and to raise the public profile of the observatory as a place where visitors can experience the awe and wonder of astronomical discovery.  Prior to joining Lowell, Dr. Adams served as Director of Marketing at Alicat Scientific, a Tucson-based manufacturer of flow and pressure instruments. Dr. Adams earned her PhD in 2018 from the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Arizona, with a minor in cultural anthropology from the School of Anthropology. Her dissertation research centered on the development of Arabian astronomy from pre-Islam into the first centuries of the Abbasid Period, making her academic program at UA highly interdisciplinary, combining fields of MENA area studies, Arabic literature, cultural anthropology and astronomy. Fluent in Arabic, she lived in Beirut, Lebanon, for three years while studying Arabic poetry and Arabian astronomical texts. Her research presents for the first time Arabian stars within their own cultural contexts. While at the University of Arizona, Dr. Adams earned a NASA Space Grant Graduate Fellowship, through which she was able to disseminate her cultural astronomy research to the general public (including a website at onesky.arizona.edu). At Lowell Observatory, she continues to be active in astronomy education, speaking to various groups about Arabian cultural astronomy and the heritage of the many Arabic star names astronomers use today. She is also an associate member of the International Astronomical Union’s Working Group on Star Names (IAU WGSN), where she lends her expertise on Arabian and Islamic astronomical traditions.