Dr. Kathryn Neugent

Research Associate

Stellar Astronomy
PhD University of Washington, 2021

Dr. Kathryn Neugent works with Dr. Phil Massey on a variety of observational massive star research, from unevolved O and B binaries to populations of yellow and red supergiants.

Dr. Neugent first came to Lowell Observatory in 2008 as part of the MIT/Wellesley Field Camp program to work with former Lowell astronomer Dr. Henry Roe on characterizing a Titan-monitoring camera. She then returned as Dr. Phil Massey’s REU student in the summer of 2009 before graduating from Wellesley College with a double degree in Computer Science and Astronomy in 2010. Since then, she has continued working with Massey on massive star research. She also helped discover and characterize a unique type of Wolf-Rayet star in the Large Magellanic Cloud. This research formed the basis of her Master’s thesis while obtaining her MS in Applied Physics from Northern Arizona University in 2017. For her PhD dissertation, Dr. Neugent characterized the red supergiant binary fraction as a function of metallicity throughout the Local Group Galaxies M31, M33, and the Magellanic Clouds, and graduated with her PhD in Astronomy from the University of Washington in 2021. She is currently a Dunlap Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto and Lowell research associate. 

In addition to her astronomy research, Dr. Neugent worked for several years in the field of cyber security and additionally has a MS in Computer Science from George Washington University. 

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