Lauren Biddle

PhD Student

Stellar Astronomy/Exoplanets
BS University of Arizona, 2017

Lauren Biddle’s research involves observations and models of magnetic activity signatures in young stars such as protoplanetary disk accretion and flares. Her work aims to improve our understanding of young star activity and how it may affect the evolution of planets forming around them.

Biddle joined Lowell Observatory in 2015 as a research intern and has since earned her Master’s Degree in Applied Physics at NAU in 2017. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Astronomy and Planetary Science at Northern Arizona University, working closely with Dr. Joe Llama and Dr. Lisa Prato. She and her collaborators have pursued projects that include developing methods for detecting young hot-Jupiters around Classical T Tauri Stars (CTTS), characterizing photometric accretion signatures in CTTS, and identifying systematics and biases that observing strategy can introduce in stellar flare studies.

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