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Onsite Private and Group Tours

We offer private and group programs throughout the year for schools and groups that range from one to fifty participants. Choose from a number of multimedia presentations at a variety of levels, building tours, and viewing. All programs are presented by one of our educators. Programs must be booked at least three weeks in advance.

  • A private, one-hour daytime program is $150 and includes one multimedia presentation and/or historic tours.
  • A private, 90-minute evening program is $300 for groups up to 50 people and includes one multimedia presentation and exclusive access to the telescopes for viewing (weather permitting). Note: Nighttime private programs are available on Sundays only after 5pm.

For assistance or questions regarding booking a program, e-mail or call (928) 233-3280.

Private Program Payment and Reservation Policy

Book Your Private Program Today!

Email or call (928) 233-3280.

Private Program Payment and Reservation Policy

Basic Programs

Pick from a variety of presentations on varying topics, all created to entertain and educate children and adults, alike.

Voyage to Space: An introduction to space, planets, and stars.
The Planets: Tour the inner and outer planets of our solar system
A Grand Tour of the Solar System: An in-depth look at the Sun and its family of planets, moons, asteroids, and comets.
Pluto Discovery: Experience Pluto’s discovery at Lowell Observatory in 1930 and hear about our current understanding of Pluto and its many unusual features.
The Current Night Sky: An overview of the stars, planets, and other celestial objects visible in the current night sky.
Comets, Asteroids, and Dinosaurs: A look at the nature of comets and asteroids, including how one or more impacts may have led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.
Life on Other Worlds: Search the Universe for possible signs of life.
The Red Planet: Explore Mars’ volcanoes, canyons, possible past water resources, and more.
Highlights of The Hubble Space Telescope: View amazing space images taken with the history-making telescope
The Lives of Stars: Explore our Sun’s life and the dramatic formation of neutron stars, pulsars, and black holes.
Galaxies and The Expanding Universe: Hear about quasars and galaxies, including the Milky Way
Discovery at Lowell Observatory: Learn about Lowell’s distinguished history, the discovery of Pluto, and the cutting-edge research taking place here today.

Other Programs and Tours

Mini Planetarium: Explore the constellations, stars, and deep sky objects that are visible in the night sky, or zoom out through the solar system to the edge of the known Universe.
Clark Telescope Tour: See the historic 24″ Alvan Clark refractor and dome.
Historic Rotunda Tour: Visit the building designed by Percival Lowell, himself, that now houses historic artifacts and astronomy displays.
Solar Telescope Viewing: Safely view the Sun, our amazing star, through a filtered telescope.
Cosmic Cart: Enjoy fun and interactive demonstrations illustrating scientific concepts. Dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and various chemicals are used (extra fees apply).
Pluto Discovery Telescope Tour: See the newly renovated astrograph that helped Clyde Tombaugh discover Pluto.
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