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Year-End Donations and Gift Membership

Are you thinking of supporting Lowell Observatory this holiday season by giving the gift of membership or by making a year-end donation? This year there are additional tax benefits for your generosity!

As part of the CARES Act, those who do not itemize their tax returns and who make a charitable contribution to Lowell Observatory during 2021 can claim a deduction of up to $300 in addition to the standard deduction. For couples filing joint returns, that additional deduction amount can increase up to $600.

Gift Membership

Still looking for the perfect gift for the astronomy lover in your life? Give them the gift of a ticket to the universe with Lowell membership!

Not only does gifting a membership help support our mission of discovery, but its recipient will get access to the Lowell Observer, our quarterly member newsletter, as well as regular e-mail updates about our ongoing research and education efforts. They will also receive a 10% discount in the Starry Skies Shop, a 10% discount on Premium Access experiences, and free general admission to the observatory for a year. Because Lowell is a 501(c)3 organization, so you can deduct the price of a gift membership from your taxes.

To purchase a gift membership, visit our Membership Signup page and select the ‘give as a gift’ option on the membership level of your choice. If you have questions, visit our Membership FAQs page. You can also contact our membership office at or by calling (928) 255-5059.

Ways to Give

General Funds

General funds allow you to give to the area of the observatory’s greatest immediate need. These include:

If you’d like to donate to a specific area of our research or outreach, check out the Programs to Support page. Here, you can learn more about how your donation will be used and receive further instruction on how to give. You can also donate to support capital projects like the Astronomy Discovery Center!