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Assistant Astronomer

Masters Degree in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (Honors)

University of St. Andrews, 2010

PhD in Astrophysics

University of St. Andrews, 2014 My research focuses on understanding magnetic fields on both stars and extrasolar planets (planets that orbit stars other than the Sun). I am working as a postdoctoral researcher with Dr Evgenya Shkolnik on detecting the interaction between stellar and exoplanetary magnetic fields in an effort to understand the extreme conditions exoplanets are being exposed to. When an exoplanet orbits between our vantage point here on Earth and its host star, the planet blocks a fraction of the star light. This is known as a transit event. I develop models to simulate transit events to learn about the atmosphere of the planet and also the star itself. For more information on my research check out my http://www.joellama.com personal website or joe.llama@lowell.edu.

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