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What does my membership support?

As a member, you’ll stay on top of Lowell news, get a 10% discount in the Starry Skies Shop, be able to claim your membership as a tax deduction, and most importantly, support our mission of education and discovery!

Your membership supports every aspect of our mission, assisting our astronomers with their research programs and helping us improve and broaden our public programs, both on Mars Hill and throughout northern Arizona.

The Lowell Observer

The Lowell Observer is a benefit of Lowell Observatory membership at all levels. Sent by email or printed quarterly, the Observer keeps members up to date on observatory happenings, from the latest research to upcoming events and exhibitions.

Member Benefits

Free Admission

Every member receives free General Admission* to Lowell Observatory—for up to 4 adults and all minor children, depending on membership level—and to Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) Passport Program-participating science centers when you travel outside of your local area, while their membership is current. Planetary-level members and above also receive up to 4 guest passes per year, depending on membership level.

*Note: While Lowell Observatory is still in Phase 2 of its reopening plan, all members have free access to our Guided Tours and Family Adventures. Once the observatory returns to General Admission, this temporary benefit expires. To reserve a Guided Tour, please contact our membership office at or by calling (928) 255-5059.

Member Discounts

Lowell Observatory members of all levels receive a 10% discount at the Starry Skies Shop, both in store and online, while their membership is current. Members can call the Steele Visitor Center at (928) 774-3358 for assistance with online orders.

All members also receive a 10% discount on Premium Access private stargazing experiences. To reserve a Premium Access experience, please contact our membership office at or by calling (928) 255-5059.

Special Events

All members enjoy access to certain events that are open to members only (fees may apply), such as Member Meteor Madness, an after-hours program that occurs at the peaks of some meteor showers.

Members at the Planetary level and above receive access to additional special events, according to their level. These may include in-person or online member events, or webinars with Lowell astronomers and researchers. Pluto Circle members and above are invited to annual Pluto Circle Events.

Private Tours

Our highest-tier membership levels gain access to exclusive private tours or stargazing sessions, once per year, as part of their memberships.

  • Galaxy Circle members and above receive one private stargazing session at the 24″ Clark Refractor.
  • Trustee Circle members and above may request one private tour of the observatory’s Anderson Mesa research site, home to the famed Perkins Telescope and the Navy Precision Optical Interferometer.
  • Discovery Circle members may request one private tour of the 4.3-meter Lowell Discovery Telescope, the 5th largest optical telescope in the continental United States.

Friends of Lowell: Puget Sound

Lowell Observatory members in the Puget Sound region (Seattle-Tacoma) have formed “Friends of Lowell: Puget Sound,” a group that gets together for Lowell astronomy events and even enjoys group trips to Flagstaff for insider tours of Lowell’s telescope facilities, including the Lowell Discovery Telescope. If you’re in the area, check out their Facebook page.