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Available Volunteer Positions

Application Requirements

  • Minimum 10-hour commitment per month (~2 four-hour shifts + on-going training)
  • Attend 5-hours of mandatory orientation and training prior to first shift
  • Must pass a background check (previous convictions not necessarily disqualifying)
  • Adherence to Lowell Observatory policies and standards of conduct
  • Punctuality and commitment to assigned tasks and shifts
Additional requirements for Public Programs, Outreach, and Visitor Experience volunteers:
  • 5 additional hours of mandatory training prior to first shift
  • Ability to positively engage with public visitors to foster a sense of wonder and awe
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Learn the Ropes

As a volunteer at Lowell, you’ll be trained on a variety of telescopes and other stargazing equipment. You will also learn fascinating things about the cosmos, including astrophysics, planetary science, constellation mythology, and much more!

Interact with Guests

Lowell volunteers spend much of their time chatting with guests, answering their questions about the cosmos and operating portable telescopes for guests to view objects through during busy nights at the big telescopes.

Run Open Houses

Volunteers are also our go-to’s for running open houses at the historic buildings on our campus, like the Pluto Discovery Telescope and the Rotunda Museum.

Enjoy Flexible Hours

Our volunteer hours are flexible! We’ll work with you to ensure that volunteering fits into your busy schedule.


The Giovale Open Deck Observatory at Lowell Observatory

Volunteer at the Annual I Heart Pluto Festival

We need all hands on deck for our annual I Heart Pluto Festival each February! The I Heart Pluto Festival is a multi-day event celebrating the anniversary of Pluto’s discovery on February 18, 1930. As a volunteer, you’ll help make this event happen by directing guests on campus, leading VIP groups, and much more, all while enjoying the festivities!

Corporate Volunteers

If you are interested in arranging a group/corporate volunteer opportunity, please contact volunteer@lowell.edu.