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Star Stuff: A Space Poddity, by Lowell Observatory, is a 45-minute podcast recorded on Mars Hill that aims to make astronomical science and space exploration fun and accessible to wide audiences using humor, facts, and casual banter. Various members of Lowell’s superstar staff meet to discuss astronomy, planetary science, and space exploration via news articles, movie reviews, audience questions, pop culture discussions, and guest speakers.

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Guess That Sci-Fi Movie: We Play A Podcast Game

No Earth. His best friend is a cockroach. Can you guess the sci-fi movie? Play along on this episode of Star Stuff and see how many you can guess!

The Path of a Female Scientist

Saturn Opposition: What It Means and Why It’s So Cool

The Art of the Night Sky – We Talk to “NightVisions” Artist Arline Martens and Exhibit Co-Creator Chris Luginbuhl

Astronomy in Poetry with Author Julie Swarstad Johnson

How The James Webb Space Telescope Will Change The Way We Look At The Cosmos

Star Stories (the Constellations of Summer)

Talking With Grown-Ups About Pluto (And Other Fun Controversies) | We Talk To Dean Regas

The Lowell Iceberg: Strange Sightings, Observatory Lore, and Clown Man

Car Trouble and the Rings of Uranus

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