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POKEMON Go’s to Space

(NASA/Chris Plante)

Date: August 28th, 2016

Time: 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Admission: ages 0-5 = Free;

ages 6+ = $5

Free re-admission to event if purchased daytime (10am-5pm) admission


Pokemon Go Sites on or near the Lowell Observatory Campus:

  • Pokestops: 11
    • The 9 Pokestops on Lowell grounds REQUIRE admission to access and are only available to the public during normal operating hours. Visitors will have unlimited access to all ten stops during the event. Pokestops in the parking lot and outlook may be accessed at any time without admission.
  • Gyms: 3
    • The 2 gyms on Lowell grounds REQUIRE admission to access and are only available to the public during normal operating hours. Visitors will have unlimited access to all 3 gyms during the event. The gym located at the outlook may be accessed at anytime without admission



  • Lures & Sky Tonight Tours:
  • LURES: 5-10pm
  • Sky Tonight Tours at Pokestops: 8:00pm, 8:30pm, & 9:00pm


        • Lowell Observatory will provide complimentary Lures on all Pokestops located on Lowell Observatory grounds during the entire event. At select Pokestop locations, Sky Tonight tours will be hosted while you wait for the perfect catch!
        • Sky tonight tours are an outdoor, in-person tour and discussion of our current night sky and the constellations. Outdoor presentations are weather dependent, if poor weather, presentations will be held indoors.


  • Pokemon Go Scavenger Hunt:


      • Completed Scavenger Hunts will receive $5 off individual memberships (can be combined with college student discounts) and $10 off family memberships.
        • All memberships also include access to 300 other science centers. 


  • 2K Egg Walk: 5:00pm & 6:30pm


      • This walking tour is the perfect way to hatch all of those 2k eggs you have saved all while on a speical behind the scenes tour of our grounds!
      • This tour will cover numerous historical sites, telescopes, the stories behind the Pokestops, and other important buildings  and discuss topics like the history of astronomy, current research, basic astronomy, and light pollution along the way.
      • This is about a 1.5mile (~2.4km) walk that will involve walking on dirt trails as well as both asphalt and concrete walkways with various grades and conditions. Expect to encounter and climb some slopes and walk on dirt pathways that may be rocky or muddy at times. Tennis shoes, walking, or hiking shoes are highly recommended. Water bottles and a jacket are also recommended.


  • Pokemon Laboratory: 6:00pm, 7:00pm, & 8:00pm


      • Exciting and interactive pokemon themed science demonstrations help explain how we are able to study space!


  • The Solar System: 5:00pm & 7:00pm


      • A live led, virtual tour that covers the solar system in which we live and everything that comes with it.


  • Stars & Galaxies: 6:00pm & 8:00pm


      • A live led, virtual tour that explores the vastness of space and the stars and galaxies which make up the cosmos.


  • Telescope Viewing: Dark until 10:00pm – weather dependant


      • Weather permitting, telescopes will open just after sunset to view various celestial objects such as the planets, star clusters, etc.


  • Telescope Open Houses: 6:00pm until 10:00pm


    • The historic Pluto Discovery Telescope and the Clark Telescope will be open for open houses throughout the evening such that you may visit these telescopes and learn about how they were used to change astronomy forever.