A Profound Cosmic Revelation | Thread by Latif Nasser

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The following is an X (formerly known as Twitter) thread posted by Canadian-American researcher, writer and presenter Latif Nasser (@latifnasser). You can find the original thread here! Last January, I […]

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Jupiter at Opposition

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By Claire Gibson, Lowell Educator When looking up to the night sky, you may have noticed a large bright shining object in the Eastern sky. The object isn’t a UFO, […]

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Lowell Observatory by Dennis Ashton

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The following is an article written by Dennis Ashton, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a presenter for Wonderdome, a mobile planetarium company that brings immersive planetarium shows […]

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Meet the GODO Telescopes: TEC 140FL 5.5” Refractor

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Each of the Giovale Open Deck Observatory’s six state-of-the-art telescopes were hand-selected to provide a breathtaking stargazing experience that is unrivaled by any other public observatory in the continental United […]

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What is the Saturn Opposition?

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  By Claire Gibson, Lowell Educator In the next few weeks of August, gaze to the southeastern night sky so see Saturn at its biggest and brightest for the year! […]

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8 Things to Do at Lowell Observatory During the Daytime

BlogClaireGuest PostNewsWhat's Up at Lowell

By Claire Gibson, Lowell Educator Now that the weather is warm and the daytime is long, check out this list of fun activities to do at Lowell Observatory during the […]

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Meet the 6 Public Telescopes of the GODO

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By Claire Gibson, Lowell Educator Did you know that Lowell Observatory has more than eight telescopes dedicated to the use of the public? Six of these telescopes are state of […]

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Asteroid Day 2022: Looking Back on Lowell’s Impact

Asteroid DayBlogClaireEventsGuest PostNews

By Claire Gibson, Lowell Educator Asteroid Day is on June 30, and Lowell Observatory has a rich history of asteroid discovery. Starting in 1905 to the early 2000s, Lowell Observatory […]

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What is a Lunar Eclipse?

2022 Total EclipseBlogClaireEventsGuest PostNewsObserving

By Claire Gibson, Lowell Educator May 15, 2022 8:29 pm– This year’s first total lunar eclipse will sweep across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Mark your calendars for the longest […]

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Views of Pluto: From the Past to the Present

BlogClaireGuest PostHistoryI Heart Pluto

By Claire Gibson, Lowell Educator 92 years of imaging Pluto have allowed a closer and more detailed look at the cold, small body located over 3.2 billion miles away from […]

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