Total Lunar Eclipse Party | May 15, 2022

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Celebrate This Rare Event at Lowell! There will be a total lunar eclipse on the evening of May 15, into the early morning hours of May 16. It will be […]

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The Total Lunar Eclipse: Myth, Lore, and History

2022 Total EclipseBlogStar Stuff Podcast

Learn about how eclipses have been represented in history and in lore, and find out some fun facts about the moon. 

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What is a Lunar Eclipse?

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By Claire Gibson, Lowell Educator May 15, 2022 8:29 pm– This year’s first total lunar eclipse will sweep across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Mark your calendars for the longest […]

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5 Reasons Why the 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse is a Must-See

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On the evening of May 15 and into the wee hours of May 16, a total lunar eclipse will grace the skies of North and South America, Europe, Africa, and […]

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