20-inch Titan Monitor


Anderson Mesa

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Originally used by the US Geological Survey to map the Moon in support of Project Apollo, this telescope is now largely a research tool for a consortium of undergraduate education institutions

About the Titan Monitor

This 20-inch (0.5-meter) Titan Monito (TiMo) is one of the newest research telescopes at Lowell. Located on the main Mars Main Hill site near downtown Flagstaff, it is well suited for observing bright objects in the near-infrared.

The instrument consists of a PlaneWave telescope with a near-infrared (NIR) Princeton Instruments NIRvana640 imager. Such advanced instrumentation is usually only available—at a steep prize—on larger telescopes.

Research With the Titan Monitor

The facility is well-suited for NIR observations of bright objects.

It is one of several ground-based telescopes around the world that operate in tandem to collect detailed information about Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, whose atmospheric and surface conditions are in some ways similar to those of Earth. Known as the Titan Monitoring Project, the suite of telescopes is optimized to monitor dynamic weather events on Titan, providing clues about Earth’s early planetary conditions and evolution.