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I Heart Pluto 2024 | Night of Discovery Event

I Heart Pluto 2024 | Night of Discovery Event

Doors @ 6pm | Show @ 7pm

On the evening of February 18, 2024, Lowell Observatory and the Orpheum Theater will proudly present A Night of Discovery, an event commemorating Clyde Tombaugh’s 1930 discovery of Pluto.

Before the show begins, guests are invited to explore a space-themed art exhibit featuring works by members of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA), try their hand at axe-throwing, enjoy a can of limited-edition beer from Mother Road Brewery or a Pluto-themed cocktail from the Orpheum bar, buy exclusive Pluto merch from the Starry Skies Shop, and mingle with other Pluto enthusiasts!

The show will begin with a presentation by Lowell Historian Kevin Schindler, who will take us back in time to the day of Pluto’s discovery. The audience will follow in Clyde Tombaugh’s footsteps as he processed the sheer magnitude of his accomplishment, having at last found Percival Lowell’s fabled ‘Planet X.’ The Orpheum is the perfect place to relive this experience, as Tombaugh ended his day by watching a movie in the very same theater!

Next. keynote speaker Diana Gabaldon will take the stage. Gabaldon, renowned for her incredibly successful Outlander book series (the inspiration for a hit television series on the Starz network!) will share her insights and reflect on her unique familial connection to Stanley Sykes, bridging her creative world with the scientific heritage of her great-grandfather. In addition to building the dome for the famous 24-inch Clark Telescope with his brother Godfrey, Sykes also designed the telescope that would eventually become instrumental in Tombaugh’s discovery of Pluto. The discussion will be led by Melissa Sevigny, a science journalist at KNAU (Arizona Public Radio).

After the show,  guests can enjoy a book signing with Gabaldon. Copies of her books will be available for purchase, but guests are encouraged to bring their own copies.  

Tickets are selling out fast, so be sure to grab your seat before they’re gone! Please note that this event is ticketed separately from the rest of the festival’s events. VIP package available!

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