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Mars Hill Quick Report: July 25-31

Mars Hill Quick Report: July 25-31

Welcome back to the Mars Hill Quick Report, a bite-sized weekly news update from Lowell Observatory! Each week, we’ll give you the short version of upcoming events at Lowell and beyond, plus a little dash of history.


☆ Tuesday, July 19

New Star Stuff episode: The Art of the Night Sky

Star Stuff sits down with fiber artist Arline Martens and current principal of Dark Sky Partners Chris Luginbuhl to discuss the NIGHTVISIONS art exhibit currently on display at the Coconino Center for the Arts. Tune in to hear how the striking beauty of dark skies can inspire some truly incredible and unique works of visual art!

You can listen to Star Stuff on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher!


☆ Wednesday, July 27

ASU Marston Theater Virtual Night Sky Presentation

Summer is here and we are hitting the road to explore the cosmos! Come along as the Marston Theater team will be broadcasting live from the Lowell Observatory. We will share some of the best places for stargazing and astronomy across Arizona.

*Please note this presentation will run for approximately 90 minutes

Meet An Astronomer


Courtesy Grand Canyon National Park/NPS

Meet An Astronomer


☆ Thursday, July 28

LIVE Interactive Stargazing | YOU Direct Our Telescope

Get ready for the BRAND NEW Interactive Stargazing 2.0: Discover the skies with Lowell Observatory expert educator and TikTok star Hannah Zigo, live from our Giovale Open Deck Observatory. Make requests for objects you want to see in the night sky! Get even more in-depth knowledge of the night sky with each object we observe through our 14″ PlaneWave CDK telescope, informative presentations, and live chat interaction, all from the comfort of your home! It’s stargazing, reimagined.

*Note: Programming may be canceled due to inclement weather.

Meet An Astronomer


LIVE Interactive Stargazing | YOU Direct Our Telescope on July 28, 2022


This Week in History

☆ July 25, 1851

First-Ever Photograph of a Total Solar Eclipse Taken

The first photograph of a total solar eclipse in history was taken by Johann Julius Friedrich Berkowski, a Prussian man known for his ability talent in taking daguerreotypes—an early photographic process employing an iodine-sensitized silvered plate and mercury vapor. He captured the historic image during a total solar eclipse in Königsberg, which is now Kaliningrad, Russia. Berkowski was commissioned to do so by Royal Prussian Observatory. The image was considered state-of-the-art for the time and improved scientific understanding of solar eclipses.

Burkowski’s groundbreaking image. | WikiMedia Commons


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