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Mars Hill Quick Report: June 13-19

Introducing the Mars Hill Quick Report, a bite-size weekly news update from Lowell Observatory! Each week, we’ll give you the short version of upcoming events at Lowell and beyond, plus a little dash of history.


☆ June 16: “Little Galaxy on the Celestial Prairie”

Don’t miss the newest installment of our LDT streaming series, “Little Galaxy on the Celestial Prairie: Using the Lowell Discovery Telescope to Study Dwarf Galaxies.” This program will be streaming live on Lowell’s YouTube channel at 7pm PDT on June 16! Dr. Deidre Hunter and Haylee Archer will join Lowell Historian Kevin Schindler to share how they’ve explored these tiny galaxies with the Lowell Discovery Telescope.

☆ June 19: “Tour of the Universe – You Are Here” with Dean Regas

Starting at 8:00pm on June 19, astronomer, educator, author, national popularizer of astronomy, and expert in observational astronomy Dean Regas will be giving a stunning presentation in the Giclas Lecture Hall at Lowell Observatory. Utilizing cutting-edge simulation software, Dean will guide the audience through the mind-boggling scale of the universe, stopping by the Moon and individual planets on the way. The presentation will be free with the purchase of a general admission ticket to the observatory.

☆ June 18-25: 2022 Grand Canyon Star Party

Beginning at sunset, the Grand Canyon will be welcoming visitors to enjoy a free, open-to-the-public night of stargazing at one of the world’s stunning natural wonders! Events include an outdoor evening program nightly, just outside Grand Canyon Visitor Center at 8 pm, followed by telescope viewing in the large lot behind the Visitor Center.

Courtesy Grand Canyon National Park/NPS

This Week in History

☆1966: Lowell Observatory is designated as a Registered National Historic Landmark

Lowell Observatory was designated as a National Historic Landmark by the US Department of the Interior on June 14, 1966. Seven structures are listed in the Observatory’s 1964 Registered National Historic Landmark designation, including the Clark Telescope and Dome, Percival Lowell’s Mausoleum, the Water Tower, the Saturn Gate, the Lowell Library (now an office building referred to as the White House), the Slipher Building, and the 1912 Residence (a small residential building located behind the Slipher).

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