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May Closures- Exhibit Hall

Starting May 10th the main exhibit hall at Lowell will be closed. This closure will last until May 22nd

The reason for the closure is to allow us ample time to set up our newest exhibit Space Guard Academy. We understand that some of you have made plans to visit during that time and we want to make sure your experience is still perfect. So we have decided to open our newest building, The Putnam Collection Center, from 10am to 5pm each day. The collection center is home to the first telescope at Lowell Observatory and is where “Big Red” is parked. Just in case that is not enough we have also decided to offer Pluto Dome open houses each night. This is your chance to visit the Pluto discovery telescope at night and experience it just like Clyde Tombaugh would have in 1930. The open house will be offered each night during the exhibit hall closure from 5-10pm (except Sunday).

Thank you for patience and understanding