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Museum Store Sunday at Lowell Observatory

On Saturday, November 25th Lowell Observatory will participate in Museum Store Sunday. This is a great opportunity to get your holiday shopping done for those special nerds in your life, as well as a great way to support the research and education programs at Lowell Observatory.

“This is the second year that Museum Store Sunday has been implemented at Lowell,” states Miriam Robbins, the Gift Shop Manager at Lowell Observatory. “It is a nationwide event to help celebrate the stores that exist at museums, science centers and cultural attractions across the United States.”

This year, more than 900 museum stores, representing all 50 states, 11 countries, and three continents, are participating. “It’s sort of similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday for museums,” explains Robbins. “It’s a great way to show support to local shops, and there are not a lot of stores like the Lowell Observatory Gift shop in Flagstaff.”

Not only will shopping at Lowell on the 25th support the research and education programs at Lowell, but there are also more options than ever to choose from, so you will be able to find a gift for everyone on your list!

“We just expanded our gift shop,” Robbins says. “It probably tripled in size so I brought in some really new cool products! There is a line of books based on different aspects of STEM. There are really cool, easy-to-read books that take you through the history of each type of science.”

Not only have the products for adults expanded but new toys for the younger geek in your life are available as well.

“There’s a really cool new toy that is called gravitrax,” says Robbins. “This is a kinetic toy that is based on marble type rolling toys. A child can build it much like they would do with Legos, and they can make their own maze for the marble to go down. I could go on and on!”

In addition to sale prices, the first 25 guests up to Lowell will receive free admission for the day.