Cece Thieberger

PhD Student

CeCe Thieberger
Planetary Science
BS Cornell University, 2021

Cece Thieberger is a Ph.D. student at Northern Arizona University (NAU), working under the supervision of Lowell Observatory’s Dr. Jennifer Hanley. While and undergraduate at Cornell University, she did research with Dr. Alex Hayes on New Horizons Pluto photometry and Europa Clipper trajectory analysis. For her ¬†Ph.D. research, she’ll work with Hanley in the Astrophysical Materials Laboratory at NAU, performing experiments as well as modeling the effects of trace species (such as propane, acetylene, butane, etc.) on the lakes and seas of Titan. Thieberger will also work on observations from the Lowell Discovery Telescope to identify salts on Europa in an effort to understand ocean chemistry.