Cecilia Siqueiros

Research Assistant, LDT Telescope Operator

Cecilia Siqueiros, Research Assistant at Lowell Observatory
Planetary Science 
BS Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Besides serving as a research assistant, is also a Public Program educator. She created the user manual for the Johnson Astrophotography Project to enable efficient operation by Lowell educators. 

Cecilia joined Lowell Observatory in the spring of 2021. Prior to this, she earned a bachelor’s degree in physics, with a focus on astronomy, and a minor in music from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in May, 2020. During her time in Massachusetts, she worked for a summer at MIT’s Haystack Observatory with Haystack’s director Dr. Colin Lonsdale and NRAO Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Kazunori Akiyama on the project, “Optimal Imaging of Newborn AGNs”. In this project, the Sparse Modeling Imaging Library for Interferometry (SMILI) was used to image nineteen AGNs (active galactic nuclei), theorized to be young, to explore the capabilities of SMILI imaging on faint sources as well as to analyze the observed structures produced by powerful young AGN jets interacting with nearby dense and clumpy interstellar medium (ISM).