Cody Huls

Research Assistant

Cody Huls, Research Assistant, Lowell Observatory
Stellar Astronomy
BS Northern Arizona University, 2020
Cody Hulls characterizes young, low-mass, spectroscopic binary stars in nearby star-forming regions. His work has implications for topics ranging from binary star formation and pre-main-sequence evolution to circumstellar disks.
Huls started at Lowell Observatory as an REU student during the summer of 2019. Since then, he has been working under Dr. Lisa Prato to measure the dynamical mass and calculate orbital solutions for double-lined spectroscopic binary stars. In December 2019, Huls spent 11 nights on the 2.7m Harlan J. Smith Telescope in Fort Davis, TX for Dr. Prato’s young exoplanet survey.
He is also working closely with Dr. Chris Johns-Krull at Rice University to develop a model grid of synthetic stellar spectra. This model grid will provide a means of determining young star fundamental parameters such as effective temperature, log(g), vsin(i), veiling, and magnetic field strength.
Huls is a member of the Disk Exoplanet Flagstaff Team (DEFT), a research group that uses observational and computational methods to study young, low-mass binary stars, exoplanets, stellar activity, star clusters, and much more.