Dr. Jennifer Hanley


Planetary Science
PhD University of Arkansas, 2013

Dr. Hanley joined Lowell Observtory’s science staff in 2015. She works in collaboration with the Astrophysical Materials Laboratory at Northern Arizona University to investigate the stability and spectral properties of liquids and ices at low temperatures and pressures with relevance to the outer solar system, especially Titan and Pluto. 

Dr. Hanley also studies the stability of water on Mars and Europa in the presence of chlorine salts (chlorides, perchlorates and chlorates). She has measured evaporation rates of perchlorate and chlorate salt solutions under simulated Martian conditions. 

Dr. Hanley has also investigated the spectral properties of chlorine salt hydrates for use in remote sensing. She is part of the Project ESPRESSO (Project for Exploration Science Pathfinder Research for Enhancing Solar System Observations) Solar System Exploration Virtual Institute (SSERVI).

Check out Dr. Hanley’s Academia webpage.