Megan Gialluca

Camera Research Assistant

Megan Gialluca, Researvh Assistant at Lowell Observatory
Planetary Science/ Exoplanets
BS Northern Arizona University, 2017

Megan Gialluca joined Lowell Observatory in the fall of 2018 as a public program educator. In May of 2020 she became a research assistant working for Dr. Nick Moskovitz on the LO-CAMS project (Lowell Observatory Cameras for All-sky Meteor Surveillance). This is a network of camera stations using low-cost security cameras designed to observe and record meteor events every night. Gialluca’s work on the project is broad, including designing and installing new systems, handling data management, assisting in database development, and providing information to a state-of-the-art meteor exhibit being created as a part of the project. LO-CAMS has collaborators in both the CAMS (Cameras for All-sky Meteor Surveillance) network and the GMN (Global Meteor Network). Besides meteoritics, Gialluca is interested in planetary science and specifically the habitability of exoplanets.