W. Lowell Putnam, IV

Sole Trustee


W. Lowell Putnam is serving as the 5th Sole Trustee of Lowell Observatory, having succeeded his father, Bill, in 2013. Putnam also serves as one of seven members of the Board of Trustees of the Lowell Observatory Foundation.

In 1984, Putnam founded Video Communications, Inc. (VCI), a software company specializing in business systems for TV networks, cable channels and local TV Stations. Clients included The Weather Channel, Comcast, Univision and about 25% of the TV stations in the US and Canada. In 2010, Putnam sold the company and became the Trust Administrator for the Observatory. He is also currently on the Board of Directors of Acceleron Bank.


Putnam holds a BS in Psychology from American International College in Massachusetts and is a Life Member of the American Alpine Club and The Nature Conservancy. He was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Northern Arizona University in 2018.