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Restore the Pluto Telescope

You’ve got to have a pretty thick skin to be Pluto. Since this pint-sized planet first appeared to humans in 1930, people have picked on it. They’ve called Pluto the runt of a litter of 9 and gone so far as to say it wasn’t even a legitimate member of its planetary family. And forget about holding any birthday parties on Pluto; on Earth you have to wait 365 days between birthdays, while on Pluto the wait is an interminable 248 Earth years.

But Pluto has stood strong, showing these bullies and naysayers its worth. It maintains a positive atmosphere when possible and has demonstrated much more character, both inside and out, than anyone expected. Plus, it has surrounded itself with a strong supporting cast, with an orbit of five friends that outnumbers that of half its siblings.

After a year that saw Pluto finally receive the attention it deserved, it’s on the defense once again. You see, the home where it was born, the white, flat-topped dome and telescope where Pluto first made its mark, is in trouble. Pluto needs your help to fix it.

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