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‘Star Stuff: A Space Poddity’ Ranked Among Top Astronomy Podcasts

Since Star Stuff’s humble beginnings in January of 2022, it’s become a standout among astronomy podcasts — all thanks to its loyal base of listeners! With season 2 on the way, it’s a great time to look back on some particularly stellar moments in Star Stuff history with a top-10 list of our favorite episodes. Read on to see the top 10 favorite episodes of our superstar hosts. But first, take a moment to check out where Star Stuff stands in the rankings of today’s most popular astronomy podcasts:

#8 on Goodpods

#18 on Podbay

#15 on Feedspot

#17 on Backtrack

#19 on Chartable

Cody’s Top 10 Favorite Episodes:

  1. Debating Space Conspiracy Theories
  2. Exploring Dark Skies With Grand Canyon “Dark Sky Ranger” Rader Lane
  3. We Got Astronomers To Review “The Thing”
  4. The Life of Stars: We Talk To Lowell Astronomer Dr. Gerard Van Belle
  5. What Would “Armageddon” Really Look Like?
  6. The Real Indiana Jones: We Talk To Dr. Johanson, The Lucy Discoverer
  7. The Adventures of an Asteroid Chaser And Shadow Hunter: We Talk To Dr. Cathy Olkin
  8. Finding Your Unicorn Career In STEM: We Talk To Alaina Levine
  9. Comets, Asteroids, And Centaurs
  10. Talking With Grown-Ups About Pluto: We Talk With Dan Durda

Hailey’s Top 10 Favorite Episodes:

  1. Finding Your Unicorn Career In STEM: We Talk To Alaina Levine
  2. Academic Burnout
  3. The Path of a Female Scientist
  4. Guess That Sci-Fi Movie: We Play a Podcast Game
  5. “My Other Vehicle Explored Pluto” — We Talk to Dr. Alan Stern
  6. We Got Astronomers To Review “The Thing”
  7. When Black Holes Collide
  8. Debating Space Conspiracy Theories
  9. Black Holes, Spacetime and Bread
  10.  Searching For New Worlds with Jake Clark

Listen to Recent Star Stuff Episodes

  • How Common is Life on Other Planets?
    Wow, over 70,000 listens to Star Stuff! This podcast is still in the top 20 of astronomy podcasts and climbing. Thank you all for your support as we wrap up Season 2. If you would like to see more episodes next year for Season 3, we will be doing special segments only. Let us know… Read more: How Common is Life on Other Planets?
  • CSI: Mechanical Forensics
    In this Cosmic Scope Interview (CSI), Lowell’s Technical Facilities Manager Jeff Gehring takes host Cody Half-Moon through the challenges of restoring the historic 24″ Clark Telescope to its former glory while staying true to the designs of the era it was built in.
  • Reconciling Religion and Astronomy
    An atheist, a catholic, and an agnostic walk into a podcast recording room… and have an incredible conversation about how science and astronomy inform religious perspectives! Inspired by Dr. Kyler Kuehn, a Lowell astronomer and scientific consultant for the Clergy Letter Project, and featuring Lowell Astronomer Dr. Michael West, this episode explores the compatibility between… Read more: Reconciling Religion and Astronomy
  • A Moving Portrait
    In this episode of Star Stuff, Lowell Historian Kevin Schindler and astronomer Gerard van Belle sit down for a chat with German artist Ulrike Arnold, the subject of the feature-length documentary Dialogue Earth. They discuss Ulrike’s artistic process, the intersection of science and art, the importance of protecting our Earth, and more.
  • How the Earth Formed
    In this episode of Star Stuff, join Cody Half-Moon and geologist John Compton as they discuss the mind-blowing process of our planet’s formation over 4.6 billion years ago.