Stairway to the Stars Mural

Be a Part of the New Astronomy Discovery Center

Each landing on the way up the Stairway to the Stars will showcase a stunning astronomical image with a quote overlaid. Each astronomy quote is from a well-known scientist or historical figure and relates to the key themes of the Astronomy Discovery Center. As guests read these quotes they will be inspired to ponder humankind’s relationship to the Universe. You can sponsor one of these unique murals for $10,000.

Now is the time to leave your mark on this new facility and help us inspire visitors of all ages.

For more information contact Rachel Edelstein at (928) 255-0229 or


1st Floor Landing Mural

What is life and how do we explore the origin of life?


2nd Floor Landing Mural

Are we alone and where did everything we know come from?


3rd Floor Landing Mural

How am I part of the Universe and where did my atoms come from?


4th Floor Landing Mural

How did everything start?