Founding of Lowell Documented in Correspondence


For several years archivists at Lowell Observatory have been digitizing historic records. The most recent effort focuses on correspondence between Percival Lowell and Andrew Douglass that documents the founding of […]

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Unmasking the “Cibecue Star Stone”


Like a detective fixated on deciphering the sequence of events in a crime, astronomers use every available tool in their arsenal to build an understanding of the universe. Such is […]

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Asteroid Day- June 30


“Early in the morning of June 2 an extremely bright meteor was seen over the skies of Arizona and surrounding states. Fragmentation of the meteor was observed, loud explosions were […]

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AZ Meteor- June 2nd 2016


New information about the meteor seen over Arizona and parts of New Mexico on June 2, 2016. According to Lowell Observatory’s Dr. Nick Moskovitz the meteor seen in the early […]

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