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Flagstaff Star Party Twlight Talk | Two Mountains, One Dark Sky: Our Heritage of Indigenous Arabian Astronomy with Dr. Danielle Adams

Buffalo Park 2400 N Gemini Rd, Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff Star Party guests can expect an inspiring journey¬†to discover the astronomical knowledge of ancient Arabia and its enduring heritage in some of the star names we use today. Lowell Observatory Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Dr. Danielle Adams, a cultural astronomer, will use the slow darkening of the twilight sky to showcase the importance […]


Flagstaff Star Party 2022 Twilight Talk | Sunset Shadows and Circles with Astronomer Brian Skiff

Buffalo Park 2400 N Gemini Rd, Flagstaff, AZ

¬†Have you ever watched the sunset in the east? Join Lowell Observatory's Brian Skiff as he takes you on insightful tour of the subtle transition from sunset into twilight at Flagstaff's Buffalo Park, including the Earth-shadow and Belt of Venus in the east, as well as layered pastel colors over the Sun in the west. […]