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What is a Star Party?

A Lowell Observatory Star Party is a high-quality, educational stargazing experience that will show you our dark skies like you’ve never seen them before. Our educators use portable telescopes and powerful lasers to show you objects like:

  • Galaxies
  • Star Clusters
  • Binary Stars
  • Laser-guided Constellation Tours

Star Parties can be booked for wedding receptions, birthday parties, conferences, or any other gathering. We offer flexible scheduling and a variety of packages to best tailor the experience to your needs. Learn about the cosmos with a private viewing experience at your event — book a Star Party with us today! 


Available every month except July. Star parties may be rescheduled due to inclement weather, or alternative programming may be offered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To book your star party, please reach out to events@lowell.edu, or fill out the events lead form linked in the section above. Scheduling is flexible and is based around events that have already been booked, so we will try our best to work with the date and time of your event.

We encourage potential clients to email us with any questions regarding pricing, the desired number of telescopes, and other details so that we can tailor your stargazing experience to the unique needs of your event. 

Two Lowell educators will be sent out to your event to operate telescopes, answer questions, and take requests for objects to view.