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1400 West Mars Hill Rd

Flagstaff AZ, 86001


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Lowell Observatory is located at 7,250 feet, overlooking Flagstaff’s historic downtown.

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All visits will begin in the Visitors Center, and then the Universe awaits!

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Check the Weather

Check the Weather

There is so much to do on campus, like exhibits, tours, and science talks. But if you want to stargaze, be sure to check the weather ahead of time!

Check the Weather

What To Wear

Dress in layers for our mountain town weather. Expect a moderate amount of standing and walking, sometimes on inclines. Wear comfortable shoes.

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General Admission will give you all-day access to our campus.

General Admission
Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: Noon – 10pm
Thur: Noon – 10pm
Fri: Noon – 10pm
Sat: Noon – 10pm
Sun: Noon – 10pm

Dyer Premium Access
Reservation Only

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Stargazing at 7,000ft

Lowell Observatory is located at an elevation of 7,200 feet, so it’s a good idea to pace yourself and stay hydrated if you’re not accustomed to high elevations. Water is available in our visitor center, and benches are placed throughout campus if you need to take a rest.

Most of the buildings on our campus are wheelchair accessible, with the exception of the Pluto Discovery Telescope. If special accommodations are needed for you or a member of your group, please contact our visitor center at (928) 774-3358 to notify a staff member at least 48 hours before your tour begins.

Call For Special Accommodations

Hey! Who Turned Out the Lights?

Our campus gets very dark at night—and we like it that way! To keep the telescopes’ view clear of light interference, we ask that you do not take flash photography while on campus, avoid using cell phones, and refrain from using flashlights that emit white light. Special red flashlights will be available to check out at the front desk. If you have your own red flashlight, feel free to bring it along!

Learn About Dark Sky Lighting

Adventures Await

See what fun adventures await during your visit, like science talks, historical tours, and—of course—stargazing.

Snow, rain, and clouds can sometimes prevent us from opening the telescopes as usual. In the event of inclement weather, we offer plenty of indoor talks, tours, and exhibits for you to enjoy during your visit!

*with an official weather station.

Things to Do

Out of this World Events

From Beerstronomy, to Yoga Under the Stars, Lowell Observatory puts on some fun events all year round!


Explore Our FAQs

Still have questions? We have answers! Look through our FAQs to read answers to common questions we are asked.

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Make the most out of your trip.

Situated in the high country mountains of northern Arizona at an elevation of 7,000 feet, Flagstaff enjoys all four seasons and a gorgeous night sky. We hope you get to stay a while! See our list of suggested local hotels, dining, and attractions to check out during your visit.

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