AstroAlert: Dance Your PhD winners announced

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”30px”] The Dance Your Ph.D. contest began in 2008 as a way to encourage newly minted Ph.D. scientists to communicate their thesis research to the public through […]

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AstroAlert: NASA remasters the ‘Pale Blue Dot” photo of Earth

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic “Pale Blue Dot” photo of Earth. To commemorate it, NASA has remastered the photo using state-of-the-art image processing […]

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AstroAlert: Biggest black hole in the local universe discovered

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Astronomers have discovered the most massive black hole in the nearby universe and it’s a beast, weighing the equivalent of 40 billion suns. The black hole […]

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AstroAlert: Superfast star found leaving the Milky Way at 4 million miles per hour

Hi everyone, [vcex_spacing size=”10px”] Astronomers have discovered one of the fastest moving stars ever, and it appears to have been flung out of our galaxy by the supermassive black hole […]

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AstroAlert: A Song for the Universe (update)

[…] the Hubble Space Telescope. The can now see and hear the fruits of this project online. It’s the brainchild of Eric Whitacre, an American composer known for his choral and […]

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