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The Historical Archive Preservation project has a fundraising goal of $20,000, which will allow us to purchase a professional-quality book scanner as well as training for staff and volunteers to process rare and fragile collections. With just a $45 donation, you can help us scan a rare logbook and make digital copies available to astronomers and historians.

Carl Lampland's Logbooks

The first project using the new scanner will be the digitization of Carl Lampland’s radiometry logbooks. Much of Lampland’s time at the 42-inch telescope was devoted to measurements of the long-wave radiation emitted from planets, particularly Mars and Venus, and the determination of their temperatures.

Lampland began this work in collaboration with W. W. Coblentz of the U.S. Bureau of Standards, who spent several summers at Lowell Observatory in the 1920s. They made use of vacuum thermocouples, which were applied to small areas of the planets’ disks. Lampland developed great skill in making these delicate thermocouples and continued his work with assistance from his wife, Verna. Venus was Lampland’s most-observed target, and so his unpublished Venusian radiometry may be particularly valuable historically and scientifically. Current research can benefit from the planet temperature data gathered by Lampland.

Carl Lampland

Learn more about the work of Carl Lampland and the instrumentation he used to conduct his research.

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