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Support STEM Education for Native American Students

It’s the most well-known star for guiding travelers and a beacon of consistency in an ever-changing world. Polaris, commonly called the North Star, has many names. The Diné call this star Náhookòs Bikò’. Members of the Society provide aid, just as the North Star has done for people across many cultures.

Your membership to the North Star Society supports partnerships with tribal nation schools around Arizona to provide STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) educational enrichment. To learn more about the Native American Astronomy Outreach Program, click the button below.

Learn more about the Native American Astronomy Outreach Program

Member Levels & Benefits

Level 2

$5,000 per year ($416.67 per month)

  • Level 1 benefits, plus:
  • Invitation to participate in student activities at Lowell Observatory during spring field trips.

Level 1

$1,500 per year ($125 per month)

  • Annual report in the fall including pictures and stories from the school year, list of participating schools and students impacted, summer camp impacts, and a look at plans for the upcoming school year.
  • Informal progress reports from program staff throughout the school year (roughly quarterly).
  • Handwritten notes from students.

The North Star Society exclusively funds the Native American Astronomy Outreach Program and is separate from any Lowell Observatory membership level. Gifts must be designated specifically to the North Star Society to receive benefits. Benefits may change over time.

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Custom payment plans are available. Contact Sherry Shaffer at (928) 714-7777, or click the button to start an email.

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