Out-of-this-World Field Trips

Only at Lowell Observatory


Todd Gonzales

Education Manager


Field Trip Information

Give your students an educational field trip experience as unforgettable as they are.

School field trips include a two-hour long special guided tour catered to the guests’ age group, and include two program segments.

Base Price

  • Reserve Spot for Booking: $50


Arizona Schools:

  • Each Child (Daytime Tour): $8
  • Each Child (Nighttime Tour): $12

Outside Arizona:

  • Each Child (Daytime Tour): $10
  • Each Child (Nighttime Tour): $15
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Telescope Tours

The first segment is a telescope tour. Teachers can choose between the Pluto Telescope Tour or the Clark Telescope Tour. Each tour will include a visit to the telescope itself and an overview of the respective history of each telescope.

Pluto Telescope Tour

Step back in time to 1930, when amateur astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered the dwarf planet Pluto. You’ll pass by the building that housed Tombaugh’s office and living quarters as you head up the Pluto Walk toward the Pluto Dome, which houses the 13” Lawrence Lowell Astrograph, which was used to image Pluto

Clark Telescope Tour

See the 124-year-old, 32-foot-long Clark Refractor, which was custom made for the observatory by Alvan Clark & Sons. This 24” diameter telescope was used by Percival Lowell to study Mars and other planets, by Vesto Slipher to find the first evidence that our universe is expanding, and by scientists in the 1960’s to create detailed maps of the Moon in preparation for the Apollo Moon landings.

Interactive Talks

Interactive Talks

The second program consists of an interactive talk given by one of our Lowell educators. Your students will come face to face with the science behind the discoveries made here at Lowell Observatory. The talk will reveal the hidden messages of light through spectroscopy and give students an up and close look at the dangerous environments of space.