The Lowell Observatory staff consists of more than 100 dedicated individuals who support our mission of scientific discovery and outreach.

Sole Trustee

W. Lowell Putnam, IV


Executive Director 

Dr. Jeffrey Hall


Executive Leadership

Dr. Amanda Bosh, Chief Operating Officer

Leslie Currie, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Cody Half-Moon, Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Kyler Kuehn, Director of Technology

Anne LaBruzzo, Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Stephen Levine, Director of Education

Dr. Gerard van Belle, Director of Science



Astronomers & Planetary Scientists

Dr. Will Grundy

Dr. Jennifer Hanley

Dr. Deidre Hunter

Dr. Melodie Kao

Dr. Stephen Levine

Dr. Joe Llama

Dr. Phil Massey

Dr. Nick Moskovitz

Dr. Lisa Prato

Dr. David Schleicher

Dr. Gerard van Belle

Dr. Larry Wasserman

Dr. Michael West


Emeritus Astronomers

Dr. Otto Franz

Dr. Wes Lockwood

Dr. Nat White


Adjunct Astronomers

Dr. David Schaffer

Dr. David Trilling (NAU)

Dr. Kaspar von Braun



Dr. Amanda Bosh

Dr. Jeffrey Hall

Dr. Teddy Kareta

Dr. Kyler Kuehn

Dr. Taylor Kutra

Dr. Tyler Richey-Yowell

Dr. James Sikora

Brian Skiff

Dr. Audrey Thirouin

Dr. Quicheng Zhang


PhD Students

Haylee Archer

Anna Engle

Shaelyn Raposa

Shih-Yun Tang


Research Associates & Assistants

Allison Bair, Research Associate

Brian Burt, Software Developer

Felicity Escarzaga, Software Developer

Samantha Hemmelgarn, Research Assistant

Jacob Hyden, Research Assistant

Peter Knowlton, Research Assistant

Kendall Koga, Research Assistant

Meghan Speckert, Research Assistant


Library & Archives

Lauren Amundson, Librarian and Archivist

Stacey Christen, Archivist



Amanda Bosh, Chief Operating Officer

Michael Finney, ADC Site/Facility Manager

Samantha Gorney, ADC Interpretive Content Manager

Dave Noble, ADC Exhibits Project Manager

Dave Sawyer, Technical Project Manager


Buildings and Grounds

Dave Shuck, Facilities, Grounds, and Maintenance Manager

Max Levine, Grounds Maintenance

Henry Monroe, Grounds Maintenance

Beau Wigman, Facilities and Mechanical Technician



Human Resources

Catie Blazek, HR Manager

Ethan Baisden, HR Assistant



Anne LaBruzzo, Chief Financial Officer


Business Office

Robin Melena, Senior Grants and Contracts Manager

Lynn Yeager, Controller

Jessica Howard, Accounting Assistant


Leslie Currie, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Lisa Actor, Senior Philanthropy Advisor

Sarah Dankof, Corporation and Foundation Philanthropy Manager

Rachel Edelstein, Annual Giving Officer

Shannon Gonzales, Membership & Database Manager

Mattie Harrington, Executive Assistant

Bruce Kosaveach, Philanthropy Manager

Emma Wood, Membership Assistant


Marketing & Revenue

Marketing and Communications

Cody Half-Moon, Chief Marketing Officer

Heather Craig, Marketing Operations Coordinator

Alex Elbert, Communication Designer

Sarah Gilbert, Creative Lead

Madison Mooney, Content Writer

Kevin Schindler, PIO/Historian


Visitor Experience

Miriam Robbins, Visitor Experience Manager

Kimberley Denune, Visitor Experience Supervisor

Stephen Shannon, Visitor Experience Supervisor

Robert Hall, Visitor Experience Supervisor

Richard Montano, Visitor Experience Supervisor

Joyce Binnie, Visitor Experience Associate

Mary DeMuth, Visitor Experience Associate

Brent Dobric, Visitor Experience Associate

Tyler Flake, Visitor Experience Associate

Rowan Jones, Visitor Experience Associate

Jury Judge, Visitor Experience Associate

Justus Roberson, Visitor Experience Associate

Cass Witt, Visitor Experience Associate



Todd Gonzales, Education Manager

Kelly Ferguson, Early Education Supervisor

Jelena Lane, Venue & Events Manager

Scott Nelson, Orbits Curiosity Educator

Juan Ruiz, Orbits Curiosity Educator


Public Program

Jason Sanborn, Public Program Manager

Ryan Sim, Volunteer Manager

Kevin Conley, Public Program Supervisor

Kevin White, Public Program Supervisor

James Cole, Public Program Telescope Technician

Jonathan Ford, Senior Public Program Educator

Ryan Battles, Public Program Educator

Jared Bouck, Public Program Educator

Scott Buge, Public Program Educator

Zia Clark, Public Program Educator

Johnelle Gonzales, Public Program Educator

Michelle Kearney, Public Program Educator

Amanda LaPage, Public Program Educator

Trisha Lucas, Public Program Educator

April Meadows, Public Program Educator

Gavin Moriarty, Public Program Educator

Christine Reid, Public Program Educator

Curt Schneider, Public Program Educator

Dylan Short, Public Program Educator

Kathryn Turrentine, Public Program Educator


Native American Astronomy Outreach Program

Misha Pipe, Orbits Curiosity Educator



Dr. Kyler Kuehn, Director of Technology

Dr. Ryan Hamilton, Head of Instrumentation

Tom Bida, Senior Instrument Scientist

Jeff Gehring, Technical Facilities Manager

Michael Collins, Electronics Specialist

Jared Dahlseid, Machinist

Ben Hardesty, Instrument Scientist

Thomas Kelley, Research Associate

Dyer Lytle, Software Engineer


Support Astronomer

Dr. Tim Ellsworth-Bowers


Lowell Discovery Telescope

Frank Cornelius, LDT Engineering Manager

Dr. Jose Fernandez, LDT Night Operations Manager

Russel Dunham, Mechanical Technician

Jane Jedlink, LDT Safety Technician

Erin Maier, LDT Telescope Operator

Georgi Mandushev, LDT Software Engineer

Ishara Nisley, LDT Telescope Operator

Ben Reed, Instrument Specialist

Ben Shafransky, LDT Telescope Operator

Cecilia Siqueiros, LDT Telescope Operator

Evelyn Starling, LDT Safety Technician

Michael Sweaton, LDT Electrical Engineer

Jacob Tiegs, Mechanical Specialist and Safety Officer



Cho Robie, IT Systems Administrator

John Kullman, Systems Network Administrator

Brooks Van Buren, IT Specialist I