Astronomers & Planetary Scientists

Dr. Will Grundy

Dr. Will Grundy joined Lowell Observatory’s science staff in 1997. His research involves icy outer Solar System [...]

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Dr. Jennifer Hanley

Dr. Jennifer Hanley’s main research interest is liquid stability across the Solar System, with particular focus on [...]

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Dr. Deidre Hunter

Dr. Deidre Hunter’s primary scientific interest is tiny irregular galaxies — how they originate, evolve, and produce [...]

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Dr. Christoph Keller

As Director of Science, Dr. Christoph Keller is responsible for a number of tasks relating to the observatory’s [...]

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Dr. Stephen Levine

Dr. Stephen Levine coordinates the operation of the Lowell Discovery Telescope and also carries out research focused on [...]

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Dr.Joe Llama, Astronomer at Lowell Observatory
Dr. Joe Llama

A native of Wales, Dr. Joe Llama studies the magnetic fields of both exoplanets (planets that orbit stars other than the [...]

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Dr. Lisa Prato, astronomer at Lowell Observatory
Dr. Lisa Prato

Dr. Lisa Prato’s research focuses primarily on young binary stars, from studies of their origin, evolution, and [...]

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Dr. Phil Massey, Lowell Observatory Astrononer
Dr. Phil Massey

Dr. Phil Massey studies massive stars (O-type, Wolf-Rayet, yellow and red supergiants), binary stars, young clusters, [...]

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Dr. Nick Moskovitz

Dr. Nick Moskovitz’s research involves observations and simple models of minor planets in the solar system. His work [...]

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Dr. Dave Schleicher

Dr. Dave Schleicher’s major research interests include the physical properties, chemical composition, and behavior of [...]

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Dr. Gerard van Belle

Dr. Gerard van Belle’s research concentrates on the fundamental properties of stars-- masses, linear radii, and [...]

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Dr. Larry Wasserman

Dr. Larry Wasserman’s major research interests include the study of solar system bodies via occultations and [...]

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Dr. Michael West, Deputy Director for Science at Lowell Observatory
Dr. Michael West

Dr. Michael West divides his time between research, writing, and public outreach. His research interests are diverse and [...]

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Adjunct and Emeritus Astronomers

Dr. Kaspar von Braun, Adjunct Astronomer, Lowell Observatory
Dr. Kaspar von Braun (Adjunct)

Dr. von Braun's research concentrates on the characterization of extrasolar planets via their host stars. After [...]

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Dr Ted Bowell, Emeritus Astronomer at Lowell Observatory
Dr. Edward “Ted” Bowell (Emeritus)

Dr. Ted Bowell’s research centered on the discovery and orbit computation of near-Earth asteroids and comets. Some of [...]

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Dr. Otto Franz, Lowell Observatory Emeritus Astronomer
Dr. Otto Franz (Emeritus)

Dr. Otto Franz’s research specialty is investigating binary stars to expand our knowledge of stellar masses and better [...]

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Dr Wes Lockwood. Emeritus Astronomer at Lowell Observatory
Dr. Wes Lockwood (Emeritus)

Dr. Wes Lockwood’s major research interests include the luminosity variations of the sun, solar and stellar activity [...]

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Dr Nat White, Emeritus Astronomer
Dr. Nat White (Emeritus)

Dr. Nat White’s major research interests include the measurement of stellar properties using lunar occultations and [...]

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