EXtreme PREcision Spectrometer (EXPRES)

The EXtreme PREcision Spectrometer (EXPRES) has been built by Debra Fischer’s group at Yale.  It consists of a front end module (FEM) mounted on the instrument cube for sending star light down a fiber to the larger environmentally controlled Back End Module (BEM) that contains a high resolution spectrometer.  The goal is 10 cm/sec precision for radial velocity measurements. The FEM arrived at LDT for testing beginning in late 2017Q2.  The BEM is located in the ground floor instrument lab and was installed in late 2017Q4 with commissioning following during 2018A.  At this time, EXPRES is fully operational.  So that the partnership can begin to learn about the capabilities of EXPRES, anyone interested in using EXPRES should contact the EXPRES PI to discuss what they hope to do, and what can be supported.

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